Necklaces, pendants & chains

Wearing necklace, pendant or necklace from The Gold Xperience ® is an experience.

What makes a necklace from us so special is the use of lots of color, often framed by diamonds in the finest quality. A link necklace from our workshop is also not just any link necklace, but a necklace in a self-developed link. And then not with just any pearl, but with a wild pearl in the most beautiful form.

Whether you wear a subtle pendant over jeans with a blouse or a large link chain with saltwater pearl over an evening dress, you will be seen with it. And that's okay.

Would you like to know more about our unique necklaces, pendants and chains? Or would you like to have a necklace made to your own design? Please contact us or stop by the store in Baarn.