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Charlotte Vogel - Goldsmith and diamond setter

Jewelry designer and goldsmith Charlotte Vogel has a motto and that is "Man, dare to live!". As the designer behind The Gold Xperience ® brand, her mission is to bring color and passion into life with her jewelry.

Rugged elegance

Charlotte Vogel has been making jewelry for over 10 years. In her workshop with store in Baarn, the goldsmith makes her own jewelry from design to finished product. Her inspiration comes from (interior) architecture - especially Amsterdam School - and music or the artist.

Charlotte's characterful non-figurative jewelry is characterized by geometry and symmetry. The translation from Amsterdam School in architecture to jewelry is found mainly in the use of convex and concave shapes. Yet traces of Islamic art are also visible, art in which traditional geometry plays a major role and which is almost never figurative.

Pop culture influences are also there. Prince in particular a big inspiration. The androgynous fearlessness in the person of Prince can be found in Charlotte's jewelry in a distinct color choice. Almost all jewelry is set with bright colorful gemstones that give the pieces the cool character Charlotte Vogel aims for.

Charlotte did the Trade School in Schoonhoven

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